Arbroath Academy 
Arbroath Academy 
Arbroath Academy 
The proposed works to Arbroath Academy comprised the alteration and adaptation of existing classrooms, to form new flexible teaching spaces which will meet the demands of the new curriculum.  

Project  Feature
The work required be carried out sequentially in order to facilitate continuity of teaching  during the contract in the following key areas.  Alterations to ‘A’ Block classrooms to accommodate the New Expressive Arts – Music Suite;  Conversion of ICT Classroom in Block ‘C’ to an English Classroom;  Alterations to ‘A’ Block classrooms to provide an improved Research and Library Facility; Minor works to Brunton Block.

This required detailed planning and inclusion of the school management team particularly with regard to Health and Safety controls.  

In addition to a full rewire of B Block, the works include internal alterations and adaptations to allow for the relocation. The works comprised stripping out, builder work, joiner work, plumbing, heating, ventilation, electrical works, the relocation of Technical & IT equipment, suspended ceilings, floor coverings and redecoration as required. 

Project Overview

Education Dept, Angus Council; Doug Henderson, email    Tel: 01241 435189                

Angus Council

Quantity Surveyor: 
Angus Council 

Structural Engineer: 
Angus Council 


April 14 - September 2014